Kimberley Sandstone Pavers

Kimberley Sandstone Pavers

Colour Range: “Twilight” and “Sunset” collections.

Finish: Diamond Cut


CodeSize (mm)No. Per PalletNo. Per SQm
MS2120150 x 150 x 20108044.44
MS2121300 x 150 x 2054022.22
MS2122300 x 300 x 2027011.11
MS2123600 x 300 x 201205.55
MS2210Dietz x 2020m2various
MS2230Dietz x 4015m2various

Technical Specifications

Geological Name: Quartz Rich Sandstone

Stone Type: Sandstone

Colours Range: “Twilight” and “Sunset” collections.

Petrographic Description: Fine to medium grained sandstone. Composed (predominantly of quartz), feldspar and clay

Bulk Density: 2.1t/m³

Modulus of Rupture: 12 MPa dry 7.5 MPa wet

Compressive Strength: 70 Mpa dry 50 Mpa wet

Absorption by Weight: 3.5%

Please note that there will be some variation in colour, texture, and composition for this paving stone. We recommend repeat testing to confirm suitability of technical specifications.