Reconstituted Limestone Blocks Perth

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Reconstituted Limestone is one of the most versatile and durable building materials available for a range of residential and commercial projects.

The stone is manufactured by blending cement with crushed limestone. This process makes stone more sturdy and easier to work with for different projects.

The unique colour variations and rich texture combine to add a touch of elegance to open areas.

Reconstituted Limestone can take any dull looking area and completely transform it into one that is more engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Below are pictures of Reconstituted Limestone in various settings:

Limestone Blocks Perth

Reconstituted Limestone Blocks for Perth Properties

As a premier limestone blocks supplier in Perth and across West Australia, Meteor Stone offers various materials for different building applications. Our limestone blocks for Perth clients come in different types, sizes and colour variations.

For residential and commercial applications that require unique aesthetic appeal, our one metre long reconstituted limestone retaining blocks are an excellent choice.

They are great for commercial areas including parks, shops, museums, offices, and other establishments.

Meteor Stone’s reconstituted pier blocks and retaining blocks are perfect for building boundary fences due to their incredible strength and unique appeal – with the best prices in town.

The production of these materials does not involve waste products so they are an environmentally friendly option. Our bevelled edge reconstituted limestone blocks are ideal options when you want to achieve a textured effect on walls and fences. These products are not only aesthetically ideal but are also durable enough to withstand harsh weather elements.

Our one metre long reconstituted blocks are also great choices when building mass retaining walls. The thermal and acoustic insulation attributes make Reconstituted Limestone ideal for living spaces where noise is a concern. These blocks are built to last and are are perfect for outdoor use.

Contact us to learn more about aesthetically appealing and durable blocks that we quarry and manufacture. Our team is here to help every step of the way with your project.

Reconstituted Limestone Blocks Perth

CodeDescriptionSize (mm)No. Per PalletKg Per Unit
MS141mini block350 x 245 x 1656625
MS142pier block350 x 350 x 1655436
MS143handy block400 x 300 x 1903042
MS144Limestone mini brick500 x 240 x 1007224
MS145Limestone maxi brick500 x 350 x 1005432
MS146Limestone cream flat500 x 350 x 2003063
MS148Limestone cream flat500 x 350 x 2402475
MS150Limestone cream bevelled500 x 350 x 2502475
MS152Limestone cream flat500 x 350 x 35018115
MS153Limestone grey flat500 x 350 x 35018115
MS156Limestone cream flat splits1000 x 350 x 16518110
MS158Limestone cream flat1000 x 350 x 24012155
MS160Limestone cream flat1000 x 350 x 3508225
MS165Limestone cream bevelled1000 x 350 x 3508225
MS167Limestone grey flat1000 x 350 x 3508225

Technical Specifications

Stone Type: Reconstituted Limestone Block

Colours Range: Cream and Grey

Texture: Medium to coarse grain

Bulk Density: 1.8t/m³

Compressive Strength: 5 Mpa to 8 Mpa

As with all manufactured products, variability in colour, texture, and composition are to be expected. We recommend conducting repeat testing to confirm suitability of technical specifications. Contact us for more details.

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