Donnybrook Sandstone Natural Stone Perth

Meteor Stone is a leading supplier of Donnybrook Sandstone

Donnybrook Sandstone is used in numerous ways from structural walls to commercial facades. This stone is now commonly found in both residential and commercial establishments throughout Western Australia.

At Meteor Stone, we are a premier supplier of natural stone products including Donnybrook Sandstone. Our extensive experience allows us to deliver a comprehensive selection of products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our natural stone is now widely used throughout Australia and international markets as our company continues to expand.

We are the only company in Western Australia to quarry, process, and market natural stone and continue to add more to our selection. This translates to significant savings on our products for numerous construction projects.

Below is a collection of pictures of how Donnybrook Sandstone looks in residential and commercial settings:

Donnybrook Sandstone

Colour Range: Traditional and Beelerup Pink

Finish: Diamond Cut

Bookleaf Splitface

CodeSize (mm)No. Per Crate
MS3400Random length x 50 x 4010 face m2

Technical Specifications

Geological Name: Quartz Sandstone

Stone Type: Sandstone

Colours: Traditional and Beelerup Pink

Petrographic Description: Medium to fine grain sandstone. Composed predominantly of quartz, feldspar and clay

Bulk Density: 2.15t/m³

Modulus of Rupture: 4.5a dry 2a wet

Compressive Strength: 46 Mpa dry 31 Mpa wet

Water Absorption (by Weight): 5.4%

As with all natural materials, variability in colour, texture, and composition should be expected. Repeat testing is recommended to confirm suitability of technical specifications. Contact us for more details.

How to Specify


Sandstone shall be Donnybrook Sandstone by Meteor Stone, delivered to site stacked neatly on pallets and strapped.


As requested by Client. (Specified)

Stone Type:

Donnybrook Sandstone


Traditional and Beelerup Pink


Adhesive material to be compatible to substrate medium


Shall be scheme water


Sandstone shall be set out plumb, level and properly bonded


a) Sandstone shall be laid butt jointed or
b) Sandstone shall be laid with a joint to be grouted,
Joint size to be specified.


Sandstone must be sealed with an authorised sealer prior to grout being applied.
Grout to be of an approved type with the correct colouring
(As Specified)

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