Kimberley Black Granite

CodeSize (mm)FinishNo. Per m²
MS4000100 x 100 x 12sawn only100
MS4002100 x 100 x 12exfoliated100
MS4008100 x 100 x 40sawn only100
MS4010100 x 100 x 40exfoliated100
MS4100Dietz x 12sawn onlyvarious

Technical Specifications

Geological Name: Black Granite

Bulk Density: 2.7t/m³

Absorption by Weight: 0.12%

Stone Type: Granite

Compressive Strength: 140 Mpa

Colour: Black

Modulus of Rupture: 15 MPa dry 12 MPa wet

As with all natural materials variability in colour, texture and composition can be expected. Repeat testing is recommended to confirm suitability of technical specifications.