Natural Tamala Limestone Cladding

Limestone is one of the most versatile building materials currently on the market.

The rich textures and beautiful colours combined with its incredible durability create a unique finish.

Limestone applications include exterior feature walls and interior renovations for residential and commercial projects.

Limestone cladding offers numerous internal and external applications that add high visual appeal to even the most seemingly dull looking areas.

This stone is now widely in use throughout Australia and international markets.

Below are more pictures of limestone cladding in various settings throughout Australia:

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Natural Limestone Cladding Specials

As a leading supplier of Natural Tamala Limestone and Reconstituted Limestone, we are committed to delivering a wide selection of quality natural stone products at affordable prices. Our team is happy to assist with any specific requirements your project may have.

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Cladding – Natural Tamala Limestone Cladding

Finish: Diamond Cut Faces / Quarry Cut Ends

CodeSize (mm)No. Per PalletKg Per Unit
MS300500 x 330 x 301507.5
MS310500 x 245 x 302005.6
MS320500 x 159 x 303003.7
Finish: Diamond Cut all Surfaces
MS330450 x 300 x 301506
MS331450 x 150 x 303003
MS332450 x 145 x 303003
MS340300 x 300 x 302254
MS341300 x 150 x 304502
MS342300 x 145 x 304502
Finish: Quarry Cut Face and Ends / Diamond Cut Edges
MS350500 x 330 x 301207.5
MS351500 x 245 x 301605.6
MS352500 x 159 x 301403.7

Dietz Cladding – Natural Tamala Limestone Cladding

CodeSize (mm)No. Per Pallet
Finish: Diamond Cut Face
Finish: Quarry Cut Face

Technical Specifications

Geological Name: Tamala Eolianite

Texture: Fine to medium grained

Compressive Strength: 3.5 Mpa Avg

Stone Type: Coastal Limestone

Geological Age: Pleistocene Age

Calcium Carbonate Content: 70%-95%

Colour: Cream

Bulk Density: 1.5t/m³

Flexural Strength: 2.5MPa dry 2.2MPa wet

Please note that with all natural materials, variability in colour, texture, and composition can be expected. To confirm suitability of technical specifications, we recommend repeat testing. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

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We are a WA owned and operated company, and have been involved in the industry since 1981. The fact that we are the only company in Western Australia to quarry, process, and market natural stone gives us a unique competitive advantage. There is no middleman involved when you work with us which means significant savings for your next project.

In addition to Natural Tamala Limestone and Reconstituted Limestone Blocks, we also supply a comprehensive selection of natural stone including Donnybrook Sandstone, Kimberley Sandstone, Kimberley Quartzite, and much more.

Whether you are investing in small home renovations or a large scale commercial landscape project, we can supply exactly what you need at affordable prices. Call us today at (08) 9303 4577 to request a quote on limestone cladding for your project.