Natural Tamala Limestone Quarry

A sneak peak at Meteorstone “Natural Tamala Limestone Quarry” located in Neerabup WA

Meteor Stone Quarry 2

Standard Sized Natural Limestone Blocks

Some of the standard sized Natural Limestone blocks suitable for a range of applications.

Quarry Block

Quarry Blocks

Meteor Stone quarries a range of Natural Tamala Limestone blocks for retaining walls, boundary screen walls, fences, piers and feature walls.

Bullnose Capping

Garden Wall with Bullnose Capping

For this elevated garden wall, 500 x 350 x 150mm quarry blocks have been utilised with a natural tamala diamond cut 500 x 210 x 60 Double Bullnose, easily handled by the home handyman creating a great feature.

Residential Front Fence and Gothic Pier Caps

Residential Front Fence and Gothic Pier Caps

Utilising 500 x 350 x 240mm pier blocks and Double Bullnose Capping, this front boundary fence has been constructed for security and aesthetic appeal.

Boundary Screen Wall

Boundary Screen Wall

Many developers and local authorities utilise Natural Tamala Limestone quarry blocks for screen walls due to the acoustic attributes and aesthetic appeal giving minimal noise transference from traffic.

Quarry blocks

Magnificent Feature

Natural Tamala Limestone quarry blocks make a magnificent feature.

retaining walls

Mass Retaining

Mass retaining is simplified by using Natural Tamala Limestone.

Quarry Blocks – Natural Tamala Limestone

Finish: Quarry Cut

CodeSize (mm)No. Per PalletKg Per Unit
MS100 500 x 350 x 1503641
MS110 500 x 350 x 2003054
MS120500 x 350 x 2402465
MS130500 x 350 x 3501895
MS1401000 x 350 x 3509190

Technical Specifications

Geological Name: Tamala Eolianite

Texture: Fine to medium grained

Compressive Strength: 3.5 Mpa Avg

Stone Type: Coastal Limestone

Geological Age: Pleistocene Age

Calcium Carbonate Content: 70%-95%

Colour: Cream

Bulk Density: 1.5t/m³

Flexural Strength: 2.5MPa dry 2.2MPa wet